Sunday 4th February 2018 plays host the 52nd annual Super Bowl, the culmination of the National Football League’s (NFL) season. We know traveling from Edinburgh to the US is super expensive, so here’s all the info you need to know to feel like you were really there.
The game will be held at the U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Marking the 2nd time this Minnesotan city has hosted the game following on from way back in 1992. The stadium holds 70,000 people and opened in 2016. The infamous Pepsi Halftime Show will be headlined by Justin Timberlake. This will be JT’s 3rd time performing at the Super Bowl but his 1st solo gig.
Now that’s the boring bit out the way let’s talk teams!
The New England Patriots are favorited to make it the bowl. The team are just one win away from a chance at Super Bowl glory. The boys have made it to the final game 9 times and taken home the Vince Lombardi Trophy 5 times.
The Minnesota Vikings are also looking hopeful for a home turf game. The team are coming in from the outside have never won the bowl despite making it 4 times.
Whoever you are backing, the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest date in the NFL calendar. And wither you’re a yank visiting from the states or a just a lover of American football. You can catch all the action LIVE at Biddy Mulligans in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.
Pop into the bar today to grab your free Super Bowl wristband then come back and enjoy the game live with a refreshing pint and some quality eats.