Ever had an Irish Coffee? If not, you haven’t lived! One of Ireland’s greatest inventions, the now world famous hot whiskey tipple was originally created in Shannon, Co Limerick. When we make the perfect Irish coffee, it’s a labour of love here at Biddy’s. (and we’ve definitely put in the hours perfecting our signature drink!)
irish-coffee-1           irish-coffee-2
Biddy’s version of the Irish masterpiece begins with freshly ground coffee. We then add the best Irish whiskey (Jamesons, of course!) and top it with hand whipped cream and a dusting of nutmeg to complete the perfect combination, but it must be said there’s a beautiful poetry to the original!
Cream – Rich as an Irish Brogue
Coffee – Strong as a friendly hand
Sugar – Sweet as the tongue of a rogue
Whiskey – Smooth as the Wit of the Land.
Got you in the mood? Grab one any time. You’ll love it!