The Corner Shop

The Biddys Corner Shop is your one stop shop for all the Irish goodies and treats you’ve been missing, with everything from Tayto & Club Orange to Barrys Tea, hurleys and musical instruments!!

Michael T Higgins Appreciation Club

One of our most popular items is our tribute to the great man himself, the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins!
Show your support for the legend himself with one of our Michael T Higgins Appreciation t shirts, available in the Biddys Corner Shop or one of our Michael T cosies, made with love by the talented ladies from Not Just Hats in Dublin. Click the link below to check out their work and to order your own!!
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Musical Instruments

We love our live music here at Biddys, so much so that we’ve even had some of our old floorboards turned into an amazing banjo/mandolin hybrid by one of our talented musicians- Andy Keeling. One half of our house band Salmon of Knowledge, he’s a master of creating instruments by hand- click the link below to check out his work & find out how you can get your own handmade manjolin!!
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Hurleys / Sliotars

Fancy a puck about in the Meadows of an afternoon?
Our hurleys are handmade in Ireland by Martin Hurls- click the link below to see his work!!
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