Grassmarket Folk Festival
Thank Folk for October! On the 15th we present the Grassmarket Folk Festival. Musically it features a wide and diverse range of traditional and contemporary folk music and songs, with local and not so local bands and musicians!
Two venues will be participating, Biddy Mulligans & Maggie Dickson’s. Biddy’s is named after a well-known and much loved street vendor in Dublin. She had a passion for Irish folk and traditional music despite having no singing abilities whatsoever. Many a music session was held in her small home with a small group of local musicians and many bottles of Guinness Stout. This is where our motto ‘Eat Well, Drink Well, Sing Badly’ came from.
Maggie Dickson’s was named after an early eighteenth century fish hawker on the Grassmarket. Although the story is very dark, we have no doubt that she was a music fan… You’ll have to ask the staff for a more in depth story about Maggie’s fate!
At Biddy’s, we will be serving up plenty of hearty fayre over the weekend to keep you going. All our usual favourites such as our Stout Battered Haddock and Chips and our famous Low & Slow Cooked Rack of Baby Back Ribs will be available.
Our food and drink will keep you fed and watered all weekend, allowing you to enjoy the Folk Festival experience to its fullest!