Have you been keeping on top of the Euros 2016 games? Soaking up the atmosphere perhaps? How are you feeling about Ireland’s attempt against Sweden or their next match against Belgium? Come join us at Biddy’s to watch all of the live action from France. We show every single match that’s on, on our big HD screens! We’re the place to be for all sporty action, everybody in Edinburgh knows that!


 Did you know that we have a huge range of draft & bottled beers? Have you tried our Innis and Gunn Original or Rum Finish? Perhaps you’re partial to a Skull Splitter (or maybe that’s the morning after if you have too many!) If you would prefer to save multiple journeys trawling through bodies up and down to the bar, why don’t you and your mates have a wee think about purchasing one of our brilliant table packages? You’d be mad not to!

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Book yourself one of our cosy snugs, to get the best Irish food and drink experience, get the best cosy seat in the house! We are waiting for ya!