Fresher’s is officially here and we are buzzing to see all you wonderful students here at Biddy’s get all that partying out of your system! From live music to corner shops we have you covered! Let’s go into detail for you!
To kick off freshers and to show all of you the best freshers to ever hit this awesome city we have loads planned!
We will be holding a Trad Nights with the best Irish music to ever hit your ears EVERY Wednesday this September! It’s the best way to let loose with your new flatmates with a cold pint of the black stuff in hand! And then the legendary Biddy’s fresher’s pub quizzes hosted in The Wee Pub! Test your knowledge and find out who the real quiz masters are in your group of pals! This is running EVERY Thursday so there is no excuse not to come down!

We will even have the Biddy Mulligans corner shop with an awesome give away!

And on the 16th September the first 100 students to show their matrix card will get the ultimate taste of home- Tayto, Barry’s Tea, Club orange, purple snacks and if you’re lucky, a sod of turf!

Next up is the Derry Girls Night!

Don your best 90’s gear and join us to celebrate the Irish comedy Derry Girls! With themed cocktails available all night along with plenty of nostalgia…

And finally Halfway to Paddy’s Day on the 19th September!

We wouldn’t be one of Edinburgh’s best true Irish bars AND student hotspots if we didn’t celebrate St. Paddy’s Day any chance we got so we bring you Halfway to Paddy’s Day on the 19th September! We will have the Irish charm turned up to the highest setting with music, mixers and more!
A 9am drinks licence early enough for you? Come down get yourself a hearty breakfast, a pint and you are set to celebrate the best Halfway to Paddy’s Day party going!
Now with all this good stuff planned you’re probably going to have loads of questions – the big one being ‘how do we booking?!?’ right!
Well you can give us a bell on 0131 220 1246 and we can get that fresher’s ball rolling or go check out the event pages below!
Trad Night
Pub quiz
Corner Shop
Derry Girls Night
Halfway to Paddy’s Day