Banshee Mulligans
To get into the spirit of Halloween we’ve temporarily renamed ourselves Banshee Mulligans. What is a banshee I hear you ask? Also known as “woman of the fairy mound”, a Banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. Quite fitting for our location on the Grassmarket, arguably one of the most haunted places in Scotland.
We’re celebrating by putting on a party, Biddy’s style. That means plenty of Guinness flowing, rip roaring live music and dancing. If you’re on the Grassmarket come and visit our coffee stall, selling hot chocolate and coffees, you can even get a shot in your drink to help keep the cold out!
The party is going from Friday through till’ Monday. Why not book a booth? 0131 220 1246. We can’t guarantee the Banshee won’t be sharing it with you.