Should you fancy a Scottish spirit a little different than whiskey and gin, Edinburgh has no shortage of destinations that claim to be haunted (not that we are surprised given the gruesome history).
Throughout history, every medieval town had a square in which executions would take place. In Edinburgh this happened to be the Grassmarket. Hundreds of criminals and pronounced witches were hung here with the gawking citizens of Edinburgh gathering to witness. In the 1680s over a hundred people were executed due to their religious faith. The Covenaters, a protestant religious group, were seen as rebels and sentenced to death. This period became known as ‘The Killing Time’. It is the innocent souls that were wrongly put to death that are said to now haunt this area.
Many pubs on the Grassmarket claim to be haunted and the building Biddys is located in is no different. Stories of chefs feeling their apron being pulled on whilst alone in the kitchen are plentiful. Throughout the years managers have heard voices near the upstairs office whilst closing. The wooden floorboards often creak and similar to many Grassmarket Pubs, the lights are often found flickering.
Haunted or not – we are putting on a celebration for Halloween! Whether you’re a paranormal fanatic coming to investigate or just a fan of live music who wants to enjoy our lively atmosphere – everyone is invited to ‘Banshee Mulligans’.