To celebrate the start to Freshers 2017 we’ve put together a little list of what the newbies are in for! Returning to Edinburgh for another year of uni? You’ll be able to relate to the below…

  1. Your fear of mice has disappeared.
    Mice and tenement flats go hand in hand. Flatmates must immediately establish the lead catcher, broom holder and screamer.
  2. You’ll continually forget how lucky you are to live in a city where so many of the sights and attractions can be enjoyed for free.
    Trip to the National Museum anyone?
  3. You now know how to pronounce ceilidh and know that you haven’t actually been to a party unless you’ve been to a ceilidh.
    Ladies – just prepare for your shoulders to be near dislocated as you are whipped around in circles during the Gay Gordons. We recommend Ghillie Dhu if you haven’t tried one yet.
  4. You’ve gained a whole new appreciation of summer
    Well, after 10 months of winter conditions and battering winds the sun really does make you smile.
  5. You’ve learnt the devastating power of Buckfast first hand
    It’s hard to imagine how a beverage with 15% alcohol by volume and the caffeine content of eight cans of coke could lead to unsavoury behaviour…
  6. You’ve learn the fine art of Scottish swearing
    Or you are desperately trying to – it is a thing of beauty after all.
  7. Walking past a Quidditch game in the Meadows is totally normal.
    Fully grown adults running around on ‘broomsticks’ playing a fictional sport. Perfectly normal
  8. Biddy Mulligans is your favourite venue for live music
    It’s on every night after all. Plus the food has stopped you missing home cooked dinners. (Not at all biased)
  9. Haggis is actually tasty
    And available in the form of Bon Bons from Biddys (ahem)
  10. Your student card is already worn from the amount of discounts available!
  11. Student Recommendations

    We’ve listed a couple of our recommended places for eating, drinking and dancing below.

    Cab Vol

    Edinburgh’s underground night club hosting regular house and techno nights from a revolving line-up of DJs. We recommend Hectors House – the biggest mid week club night in the city. Plus student prices as follows:
    Spirit & Mixers from £1.50
    Shots from £2.00
    Jager Bombs from £2.50

    The Tree Sisters

    Where the festival never ends! From showing sport on their massive outdoor screen, to live performances from big names there is always something on. Plus their weekly rundown for students is as follows:
    Mondays: Bi-weekly Themed Quiz
    Tuesday: Quiz
    Wednesday: Live music
    Thursday: Karaoke
    Friday: Live Music & DJ
    Saturday: Live Music & DJ
    Sunday: Sports


    Located in a student heavy corner of town, this bar come bistro is perfect for delicious food paired with a quiet study sesh. The menu features some interesting twists on old classics with the apltly titled ‘fill up’ main course portion sizes being seriously hefty. Students receive 20% off all week round plus special drink offers!

    Biddy Mulligans

    We’re located in the heart of the historic Grassmarket and have become renowned for it’s authentic Irish atmosphere, rip roaring live music and serious good scran like yer mammy makes. We are open 8am – 1am 7 days a week, expect the warmest of welcomes and plenty of craic. Plus you’ll get 20% off our full menu, spirit and mixers for £2.25 and pints under £3 – not bad!

    Golf Tavern

    You can “Pitch n Putt” here – for just a fiver take on the oldest short-hole golf course in the world! Located in the Bruntsfield Links you can pick up your clubs and balls from the Golf Tavern & make your way out onto the course. Then stop back inside to return your equipment and celebrate with a well-deserved pint!